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How to nail the perfect business thank you note

A step-by-step tutorial on automating handwritten birthday cards to customers using Zapier and Scribeless.


When was the last time you sent a handwritten Thank You letter? Whether it is the continued custom of a faithful client, an unexpected but perfect wedding present, or the support of a long-time supplying partner in a particularly tricky period, people almost always have something to be thankful for. So why is it that we so rarely express our gratitude to the people who have helped us in our lives? Or worse, simply type out a cold (and pretty over the top) “you’re a lifesaver” text and hit send without any real feeling behind it. We believe that our lovely, loyal heroes deserve much more than that, and we’re not the only ones. Customers are now expecting a much more personalised service, and an increasing number of professionals are beginning to realise the importance of delivering this. So why not try your hand at the handwritten letter and see just how powerful it can be? It’s easier than you might think, and Scribeless, the handwritten notes service, is with you every step of the way. To help you go that extra mile in really showing your gratitude, here is a list of useful tips to make sure your heroes know just how much they mean to you.

Why send a Thank You letter at all?

This is the most important question to ask, but luckily the answer is pretty simple. People have been sending handwritten letters for centuries: it’s one of the earliest forms of communication. Letter writing is a magical art, bringing together two people in a very personal and very human way, something that is we are losing in an age where 300 billion emails are sent every day.When your recipient is able to take a step away from all the electronic screens and read a personalized, meaningful message, they will know just how grateful you are for their support. With Scribeless’s handwritten letter service, you can deliver the heart and sentiment of an engaging handwritten letter with the ease and efficiency of writing an email.

Think about who it is that you want to thank

Whether it’s the familiar faces that have stuck by you through thick and thin, or all the new clients who helped you through your first year of business, any of your good Samaritans deserve a handwritten Thank You note. The best part is that no matter who it is you’re thanking, they are going to really appreciate the personal touch.But what if you’re lucky enough to have hundreds (or thousands, or even tens of thousands!) of people to thank? What if you want to start keeping in touch with your loyal clients, or reach out to those who have not yet come across your services? That’s a lot of paper, and sending them all yourself is going to cost a pretty penny. Not to mention the hours of writing and inevitable wrist-ache. Well, that’s not a problem either. That’s where Scribeless come in, postage and all. You pick the words and we handle the rest.

Choose when to send the letter

While it is truly never too late to send a Thank You letter, your timing can affect the impact that the letter will have on your reader. For example, you’ll want to send a Thank You note to an interviewer while their impression of you is still in their mind, and most importantly, before they have made their hiring decisions! In situations like this, a letter should be written as fast as possible, ideally within 24 hours of your interview. Remarkably, research shows that 80% of HR managers said that they found Thank You letters helpful when considering the successful candidate, yet only 24% of applicants are sending a letter at all! The point of the follow-up letter is to make you stand out to the interviewer, so what better way to stand out (even among that 24%) by sending a handwritten Thank You note? With Scribeless, the process is quick and easy and we can deliver within this crucial 24-hour window.In much less stressful situations, though, there truly is no time limit on gratitude. Whether it’s been one week or one year, there’s always a smile on the face of someone receiving a handwritten Thank You letter, so take that extra little moment to make sure your letter is perfect.

The hardest part, which is still remarkably easy

What to put in your Thank You letter. There’s nothing harder than looking at a blank page thinking about what to write. But we’re going to let you in on a little secret. When writing a Thank You letter, it’s as easy as being yourself. That’s the beauty of it.By taking the time to design your own handwritten Thank You letter you are able to really let your personality flow. An email can let someone know that you are thankful for their support but it is limited by the cold typography and the ‘kind regards’ and ‘many thanks’ of office etiquette. Only through the natural curves and flow of handwriting can your sincerity truly show. A handwritten letter lets them know that you are thoughtful enough to move away from the effortless email and express the gratitude that you have for them with a meaningful physical note.As well as evoking a fantastic emotional response in your recipient, there are a range of technical factors that should lead you to consider the handwritten letter. Astonishingly, the average email open rate is under 18%. That means that for every ten emails received, less than two are even opened, let alone read (the average click-through rate is under 3%). Handwritten envelopes are almost always opened, so by sending a handwritten letter, you greatly increase the chance of your Thank You note being read.

We can’t tell you exactly what to put in your Thank You letter because, well, we can’t tell you how to be you! What we can do, though, is offer a few tips that will really help your handwritten letter stand out. Let’s look at an example of a basic Thank You note.Hello Mark. I just wanted to say thanks for using us as your primary supplier for all this time. We’ve been doing great. I hope you’re as satisfied with our service as we are with your custom.The general sentiment is there, but I don’t think this letter tells the story of gratitude that Mark deserves to hear. With just a few tweaks and an extra sentence or two, we can turn a cookie-cutter letter like this into a sincere and personal Thank You note that Mark would be delighted to receive.Hi Mark! I’m writing you this letter to say thank you so much for sticking with us all these years. We’ve noticed that you’ve been growing steadily for a while now, congratulations! You may have noticed that we’ve had a bit of a boom ourselves, and I can’t emphasize enough just how much of that is down to you. We are continuously grateful for what you do for us and we hope that we can continue to work together long into the future. I look forward to what the future holds for both of us. If you ever need anything, please get in touch.Instantly, you can see what the difference in tone does for the letter. By making it more tailored specifically for the recipient it goes from being a Thank You letter to a personal message for Mark and no one else. Remember, the handwritten letter is about the recipient, not the sender, so it is important to emphasize their role in your business, or if it is a partner like Mark here, outline the positive experiences they’ve had, whether you were involved or not. It’s also important to look to the future and keep the lines between you open. Through a Thank You letter, you are reinforcing a relationship between yourself and your recipient, whether they are a client or a dear old friend.Ultimately, though, the trick is simply to be honest and let your recipient know just how thankful you are. Your words are what’s important, and with Scribeless, that’s all you need to create the perfect handwritten Thank You letter. With our service, for you it is as easy as writing an email, but for your recipient it is a way of letting them know that you care, and it can be a stepping stone to building a long-standing relationship.If you’re still a little unsure about what you want to say, here are a few templates to help you find your own way of saying Thank You. Once you’re happy with and know what you want to say, click this link and Scribeless will help you create and send your beautiful handwritten Thank You letter.

A Thank You Letter for a Client

Hi Paul

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us to provide your company with the finest extinguishers and servicing. We are proud to welcome satisfied clientele and look forward to many years of working together. If you have any questions about our equipment or service, we invite you to call us immediately at 555-5555, and we will be happy to assist you. Once again, thank you for your business.


A Thank You Letter for a Wedding Guest

Dear Alex,

Thank you so much for being there on our wedding day, you helped make it truly unforgettable. It meant the world to us that we could celebrate with you. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

With love,

David and Anna

A Thank You Letter for a Job Interview

Dear Mr. Stevenson

Thank you very much for the opportunity to interview for the position of Sales Manager yesterday. I enjoyed speaking with you, meeting other members of the staff, and the opportunity to learn more about this position. I am very interested in this position and the opportunity to join your team.

I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.