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Scribeless announce Shopify partnership

We've launched the Scribeless Shopify Flow connector

After weeks of hard work and extensive testing, we’re pleased to announce that we have launched the Scribeless Shopify Flow connector that will natively integrate with your Shopify Plus store. Now you can convert more leads by automatically sending handwritten notes with Scribeless directly from your admin dashboard.

What is Shopify Flow?

Shopify Flow is an e-commerce automation app that's only available to Shopify Plus customers. It helps store owners automate tasks, actions, and ideas so they can focus more time on operations and business development.Common tasks include:

  • Personalize marketing by tagging customers based on purchasing behavior
  • Hide and show products based on inventory level
  • Reward loyalty points for adding items to a wishlist
  • Start a win-back email sequence when customers are at risk
  • Add a free gift to orders over $100

For more information on Shopify Flow please follow this link.

Scribeless and Shopify Flow

After receiving countless requests from our customers managing Shopify stores for a way to automate and integrate our service, we decided to build a Shopify Connector.This is a feature that allows Shopify Plus stores to set up behavioral triggers and actions built by third-party apps.

Currently, there is only one action that our connector offers: Send a handwritten note.This action helps you send personalized handwritten notes whenever a customer triggers a workflow. The most common triggers used by our Shopify customers are: 'Customer account is created', 'Customer abandons shopping cart', and 'Customer places a new order'.

Advantages of using our connector

Save hours of your time

Creating a single note for every user can be very time-consuming. We know your time is valuable, so let us handle your handwritten marketing while you focus on selling. Set up the workflow once and we'll take care of everything else.

Deliver personalized experiences

We use artificial intelligence and advanced printing technologies to recreate human handwriting at scale. We can mimic the imperfections and nuances of handwriting so every note is unique, and indiscernible from the real thing.

Triggers you can use

We have big plans for this connector, and more triggers and actions are planned to be developed and implemented, but these are a few examples of where you can get started:

  • Customer account is created - starts when a customer has created an account
  • Customer places a new order - starts when a customer has placed an order for the first time
  • Customer abandons cart - starts when a customer leaves before entering their payment details

Scribeless connector use cases

Send a handwritten Welcome note when a customer signs up for an account

On average, a business spends five times more converting a lead than it does retaining an existing one. Stop letting customers slip through your fingers by automating customer engagement in an efficient and results-oriented way. Increase recurring orders by including thank you messages, discount codes, or coupons in handwritten direct mail notes.

Send a handwritten Thank You note when a customer places an order

A simple gesture of appreciation like sending a handwritten Thank You card can make your customer feel valued and will dramatically increase your customer retention ratios. Handwritten is by far the most personal way of showing gratitude and you will be remembered for going above and beyond what the typical retailers provide.

Send a handwritten Review Request note to a customer when an order gets dispatched

Make sure the customer lifecycle doesn’t end after successfully delivering an order. Customer reviews not only boost the customer's confidence when they decide to buy from your store but it also helps tremendously with search engine optimization. Sending a handwritten note makes your customers feel valued and increases your chances of receiving a 5-star review.

Send a handwritten Discount note when a customer leaves the checkout before purchasing

We all know how difficult it is to convert a customer that initially had intent to buy but then abandons the check-out process without completing the order. Convince them to shop from your store by sending a custom handwritten discount code, or include a coupon in your handwritten letter.

Please note that this integration is only available to stores on the Shopify Plus platform — you can get started through your Shopify admin. For more information or to get our Shopify Flow Connector working for your store, check out our detailed integration documentation and step-by-step instructions.

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