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Scribeless vs. the world: mythbuster

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Did you also know that SimplyNoted's base of operations is a submarine off the coast of the Philippines, and their notes are delivered by a fleet of trained dolphins?

And did you know that Handwrytten’s fleet of writing robots exclusively use these pens?

Of course, both of these are absolute fabrications. It is very easy to make stuff up about other companies on your own website.

We would prefer to let our product do the talking for us, but after we were sent this SimplyNoted comparison page we knew we had to set the record straight and do some mythbusting. 

Myth 1: Scribeless prints their logo on every note

This was one of our favorite claims made by SimplyNoted.

Co-marketing is when the provider adds their own logo somewhere on the letter or card.  This makes it clear that the card was printed by a service, and not handwritten.  Without the illusion of true handwriting, much of the emotional power is lost. Simply Noted never prints our logo on your cards. We strive for authenticity, so we wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that. Scribeless is less concerned with creating a realistic handwriting experience.  They do include their logo on cards they print. If authenticity is important for your customer appreciation, avoid comarketing logos. - SimplyNoted

For a company claiming to ‘strive for authenticity’, this is an outlandish claim and is categorically untrue. Of course including our logo would make the experience of receiving a handwritten note feel less authentic. We don’t do this, and never will!

Myth 2: Scribeless has slow turnaround times

Handwrytten lead time comparison

Some of our customers used to use Handwrytten, but upgraded to Scribeless because they were told that their campaigns would take weeks to produce. If you’re not sure who is faster, ask Handwrytten and SimplyNoted to estimate lead times for your project. 

Myth 3: Scribeless only sends flat, unfolded cards

SimplyNoted card stock comparison

SimplyNoted and Handwrytten’s comparison pages say that Scribeless only offers flat notecards in one size.

Clearly none of their teams were lucky enough to receive a Christmas card from one of our customers last year. We send thousands of folded cards all over the globe every year, and are hoping to send more than ever this year. You can find out more about Scribeless' handwritten holiday cards here

Myth 4: Scribeless has no Shopify integration

SimplyNoted integration comparison

If you were to look on SimplyNoted’s website, you might assume that we don’t have a Shopify integration. This might come as a surprise to the hundreds of Shopify merchants who use it everyday to print and send handwritten cards and gift notes to delight their customers.

We not only offer a direct Shopify integration, but also provide a Shopify flow connector specifically for Shopify Plus customers. If you’re interested in learning any more about either of these, you can check out our Shopify app store listing and support documentation here.

Myth 5: Scribeless notes are poorer quality

Scribeless uses a process similar to photocopying to create their handwritten messages. Generic handwriting fonts are used to simulate written text. Then the text is laser printed onto the interior of the card. The results look a lot like handwriting, but like the photocopy, it’s clear to the observer that it was created by a machine. - SimplyNoted

SimplyNoted are pretty damning in their assessment of Scribeless’ handwriting. We think our handwriting looks much more realistic and are clearly biased, but can see from our customers’ reviews that we’re doing something right. If you’re still unconvinced we suggest requesting a free sample for both companies so you can see for yourself. 

The takeaway

We could go on for days listing every inaccuracy or myth about Scribeless listed on comparison pages, but really we're trying to illustrate a simple point. If you want to learn what a company or brand truly offer, it's always best to check in with them rather than their competitors.

If you want to find out some more accurate information about Scribeless, you can speak to one of the team or learn more about us on our website.