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Discounts and direct mail marketing

Why you should offer a discount in your direct mail marketing

I know that the words 'direct mail marketing' and ‘discount’ won’t immediately fill your typical professional with confidence. Particularly when they're put together. Why would it? The whole point of business is to make money, not give it away.But, because you’ve already chosen to use direct mail marketing, I assume that you’re aware that you’ve got to spend money to make money.The average American receives 0.007 direct mail items a day, compared to an average of 126 emails received each day. You might take this as an excuse to not try very hard. Why bother trying to stand out when your letter could be the only mail that day?This is the wrong perspective to have. Instead, you should use this opportunity to really wow your customer or client. Going the extra mile to deliver a memorable, engaging experience can do wonders for your business.

Discounts Generate Loyalty

One of the reasons direct mail is so successful is because it is unexpected. You can double down on this element of surprise by offering a discount code as part of your direct mail marketing campaign.Customers would be delighted to open up a personalized letter to find a price reduction on one of their favorite brands. This sort of positive experience is what encourages repeat business and builds brand loyalty in your customers.In fact, 68% of customers said that they would become more loyal to a company if they were offered a discounted price on a product.

Exclusivity Isn't Always Your Enemy

It can be tempting to limit the number of discounts sent out in order to keep costs low. Luckily, this can pay off in more than one way!Limiting your direct mail discounts to only your most loyal customers can increase customer engagement levels by making the experience much more exclusive and personalized.The customers will feel rewarded for their long-time loyalty, and it works as an incentive for less frequent buyers to spend more in hopes of attaining this loyal customer status.

Going the Whole Nine Yards

Customers are unlikely to say no to a discounted price, but they'd be downright crazy to say no to a completely free gift.This tactic can be a bit of a gamble, but including a coupon for a free product in your direct mail marketing, or even just a trial, is a great way to build interest and almost guarantee customer engagement.

Keep It Personal

No matter what kind of price reduction you choose to include in your direct mail marketing, the key is to keep it personal.

Tailoring your direct mail to each recipient transforms an ordinary piece of mail into a customer experience. The discount code that they receive won't feel like a marketing tactic if it is included in a personalized handwritten note. It will feel like a reward.Choosing handwritten is the best way to evolve your direct mail marketing and optimize the effectiveness of your campaign. In fact, handwritten marketing has achieved as much as a 420% increase in engagement rates over traditional direct mail marketing. If you want to make the most of your time physically in your customer's hands, consider including discount codes as part of your direct mail marketing. Direct mail grabs the attention, but rewards and personalization keep hold of it in the long term.Get in touch with Scribeless to find out how we can take your direct mail marketing to the next level with personalised handwritten notes.

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