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How we're dealing with Covid-19

How we're helping, how we can help you, and steps we have taken in response

How we're helping

We’re delighted to have partnered with Frontline Strong to send handwritten letters to brave frontline workers and individuals afflicted by the virus. The letters of encouragement have been sent to hospitals all over the US, and we will continue to support their fantastic work for as long as they feel it is necessary.

How we can help you

It has been a tough few months for everyone. International economic uncertainty and social distancing measures have made it harder than ever to acquire and retain business, and this is being felt across the globe. We believe that innovative alternative marketing solutions will be needed to survive and thrive in the bizarre circumstances we find ourselves in.

With everyone stuck at home it is harder than ever to make customer engagement feel personal. As even more of our lives are migrated online, people will be more inundated with digital advertising noise than ever.You can cut through this noise, make your engagement feel less anonymous, and let them know that you're there for them in these challenging times.

Interestingly many of our clients have seen an uplift in campaign response since the virus took hold, and we’re confident that this will continue until social distancing measures are eased.   

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you through these challenging times please get in touch.

Steps we have taken in response

All of our production facilities have remained active and continue to deliver impactful campaigns across the globe.  

We have implemented all recommend hygiene policies and remote working to guarantee our staff can work safely and effectively. We're in close contact with the United States Postal Service, Canada Post and the Royal Mail and will alert you if we anticipate any delays in delivery.

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