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Team Accounts

Learn how to create and manage a team account.

Team accounts are great for when you need multiple people from within your organisation to access or create campaigns.

Each member will have their own login details, but will be able to access the same campaigns.

Inviting a new Team Member

Login to your account and head to the Teams page, under the Account heading on the sidebar. Once you're there, select Invite team member. Enter the details and the user will be sent an email to create an account.


  • Member: Can view all campaigns and create new ones, however members do not have access to the billing details, meaning an admin will have to authorise a campaign before sending
  • Admin: Can do everything that the viewer can do, but can authorize campaigns for sending. Admins can also add and remove team members.

Editing users

You can edit the roles of users from the team page by clicking 'Edit Role' in the options column: