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Shopify and Shopify Flow

How to connect seamlessly with your Shopify store

Integrating Scribeless with Shopify and Shopify Flow makes sending handwritten letters to your customers effortless. Here, we'll run you through how to set up your integration and start sending out handwritten notes to your customers, delighting them and boosting your retention.

Integrating with Shopify

Video - How to integrate with my Shopify store

How to integrate with Shopify Flow


Can I edit the copy and design of my integrated campaign?

Yes! It's simple - just visit your Scribeless campaign in your account, and click the pencil in the corner of the preview to edit the campaign. You can change the copy, layout or design of the stationery.

Once you've saved your campaign, it should be good to go: as long as the campaign ID is the same, the changes will be automatically implemented the next time a customer's note is generated.

How long does it take for my Shopify customers to be logged in the Scribeless app?

All triggers, with the exception of Abandoned Cart, will immediately send information to the Scribeless app. Abandoned Cart runs once a day at 02:00 GMT.

No matter the trigger, you can be confident that your recipient will be on the Scribeless platform within 24 hours!

How do you get my customer's address details?

Your customer address details are taken directly from the customer's input. We and Shopify do not scrape your customer's IP/cookies for this information. As a result, Abandoned Cart triggers may not always log an address.