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Printer set-up

A step by step guide on how to set up your printer when printing in-house.

Once you have purchased a printer, you will need to connect your printer to your Scribeless account using our free Scribeless Print software. Before proceeding with this guide, ensure that:

1. Your printer is switched on and loaded with your preferred note size.

2. Your printer is connected to the same WiFi network as your computer. Follow the guide below if you haven't done so already:

- Mac OS

- Windows

3. Scribeless Print is installed on the computer that will be sending notes to the printer.


Here's how to setup Scribeless Print:

  • Log in to the Scribeless platform - Go to Settings and look for the 'Printers' section. (Not all users have this option enabled. Contact our live chat if you cannot see the Printers tab)

  • Create a Scribeless Print Account and download the Scribeless Print App using one of the links provided. Note down the email address and copy your Print Secret Key as you will need it in a second. Do not close this page yet!

  • Install and launch the application. On Mac OS, you can access the app via the menu bar in the top right of your computer. On Windows, do not install the Scribeless app as a service - unless you are using a server or virtual machine.

Do not install the Scribeless app as a service

  • Log in to Scribeless Print App using the email address and paste the Print Secret Key that you just copied from your Scribeless settings. On Mac OS, you may need to look for the Scribeless App in the top right bar to re-open the Interface.

  • Go into the Printers tab of the Scribeless Print Software and select your printer.

  • Go back to the Printers tab of the Scribeless website, click on the "Refresh" button next to the printer drop down - under the connected printers section.

  • Add the printer.

  • Now you're ready to go!