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The Scribeless pricing model is simple!

Our pricing can be found here. You have two options when it comes to payment. You can either use our Pay-as-you-go plan, or you can set up a subscription which is renewed monthly.

All of our pricing can be viewed in USD, GBP and EUR.

What does the price slider include?

The slider includes the cost of the note and excludes, stamps and local taxes.

Does price vary based on the size of the note?

Nope - our pricing is the same for half-letter/A5, full-letter/A4 and postcard-sized notes! The only difference in pricing occurs if you request notes without envelopes.


The Scribeless pricing model allows you to make savings based on the amount of notes you send. You can scale the slider up and down to see how much you can drive down your price-per-unit.

There are also discounts available for longer term commitments, if you're interested in this, have a chat with one of our sales team in the bottom left of the screen!

I have agreed a price with one of the Scribeless team, but the platform doesn't reflect this. What's happened?

If you have agreed a different price-per-unit with one of the team, this will be reflected in your invoice, if something doesn't look right , feel free to get in touch!

What is the delivery charge for bulk shipping orders?

Delivery fees apply to bulk shipping orders, for the UK this will be £30 per 1000 notes, for the US and Canada it will be $40. For the rest off the world have a chat with one of the team and we can give you a price!

Will I be charged for two bulk shipping orders?

If you order multiple campaigns to the same address and we send them as part of the same batch, we won't charge you twice for these deliveries - let one of our team know so we can make sure you are only charged once.

The pricing pages linked above should be your go to for all price-related enquiries. If, however, there are still any questions you have about pricing, get in touch with us via the Live chat.