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Paper size and type

What type of paper can I use?

The premium laid paper we use can be seen below, with links attached to show you exactly what we use.

Standard note: 300gsm (120lb) textured, non-coated, laid.

Standard full-letter or A4: 120gsm textured, non-coated, laid.

Glossy note: 300gsm Experian Gloss (Note: This type of note is only available for large orders of 3000+. Contact one of our team if you are interested in using these notes!)

What paper sizes can I use?

The list of paper sizes that Scribeless offer can be seen below.

Will we use stock that you send to us?

We try not to interrupt the processes of our production teams and want to make sure that it is easy for our team to produce high-quality notes that match customer expectations. The additional admin of managing tens of different paper stocks, and having to set up printers specifically for each paper stock slows down our production process significantly.

However we may be able to accommodate your requests on a one-off basis. Get in touch with us at team@scribeless.co for more information.