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How much can I fit on a note?

There's not one definitive answer we can give to this question, but we'll do our best to help out!

Due to the variability of our handwriting and the customisability of the note, there is no definitive word limit! We recommend you try creating a note yourself to see how much you can fit in. As you can customise your notes, you have the opportunity to minimize or maximize your space depending on:

  • Handwriting: You can use different handwriting styles, which have varying personalities, and each handwriting style comes with Small, Medium and Large font options.
  • Layout: Using a logo at the top of your note and/or a footer at the bottom of your note, will affect the amount of space you have available. If you do want to use one or both of these, you can adjust the logo and footer text size, giving you more or less room depending on whether you increase or decrease the size.
  • Size: This one almost goes without saying, but if you're looking to give yourself some more space for your message, you can increase the size of your stationery from a half-letter to a full-size one.

Below is a rough guideline to the max character count that can fit on each note. Please note that these can only be achieved using our smallest font in Stafford, with no logo or signature on the front of the note and minimal spacing between sentences:

A4: Up to 2,800 characters
A5: Up to 1,196 characters.
A6: Up to 480 characters

Letter: Up to 1,080 characters
Half Letter: Up to 862 characters
Postcard: Up to 480 characters