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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some popular questions.

Does Scribeless integrate with Hubspot?

Yes! Scribeless integrates with Hubspot through Zapier!

We've also created a support article that walks through setting up a Zapier Integration. All you need to do is link your Hubspot workflow to Zapier!

Why do I need a first name variable in my note?

The 'First Name' variable is a merge field that will be replaced by the names you put in the First Name column during Step 3, when you add your recipients.

If you're trying to push through a note and haven't included a 'First Name' variable, you will likely be faced with this error message:

The reason for this is that our production team need to match up each note to it's respective envelope - without a first name to distinguish, it's difficult for our team to work out which note is supposed to go with which envelope.

We take our quality checking very seriously, and this allows us to make sure every note and envelope is paired correctly and all your recipients are getting the right letter.

I don't know my recipients first name or last name. What should I do?

There are easy ways around this. For example, if you wanted to send a letter to "The Smiths", you could fill in the First Name field as 'The Smiths' and Last Name field as a comma (","). This would come out as "The Smiths,".

Your note will therefore be able to be submitted and still easily distinguishable for our production team, and both note and envelope will look realistic.

You can, in theory, populate the 'First Name' field however you like, but remember that it will appear the same as it does in your note on the envelope.

What is the mark on the envelope?

If you are based in the US, you may see a mark on the envelope when you request a sample or receive an envelope from one of your recipients. These are postmarks, and are standard practice within the USPS. This is important to bear in mind if you want your letters to appear as if they were written and posted locally. You can read more about postmarks here:


One alternative to ensure your postmark is local is you can request your notes as a bulk shipping order. We can send your notes to you in bulk, pre-stamped and ready to send, so you can then post them from your city so the postmark will be a local one.

How do I edit a campaign?

Editing a campaign you've already created is easy - just login to the platform and visit your campaigns. When you are viewing the campaign, click the pencil in the top corner of the preview to edit the campaign. You can change the copy, layout or design of the stationery.

Once you've saved your campaign, it should be good to go. You'll know your campaign is re-rendering when the status of your note changes from 'Ready' to 'AI Writing.'

How can I add recipients to my campaign?

To manually add recipients to your campaign, head to your account and click Campaigns on the left hand sidebar.

Select the campaign you want to add your recipients to, and click the purple 'Add Recipients' button. You'll then be taken to a table, where you can add your recipient data in the same way you would have whilst creating your campaign first time round.

Can I download my notes?

You may contact our team if you would like to download your notes. Email: team@scribeless.co