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Creating a Greetings card

A handwritten note is great, but what's even better? A handwritten holiday card, obviously!

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Creating your personalized, handwritten greeting cards is just as simple as creating a note. Here we will walk you through it:

  • Firstly you want to create a campaign just as you would normally and choose your delivery option
  • Then when you come to edit the note, you want to select the stationery size 'Greeting cards'
  • Write your message and choose your handwriting style, more info on customization can be found here
  • Then flip over the note and choose your design, you can use  one of our pre-made designs which are available here. Alternatively you can use our template to upload your own design:

           - Download the template and open it up in preview (you can download the psd file if you prefer to use Photoshop)
           - Open your own design in preview
           - Copy your design and paste it into the template
           - Adjust the size so it fits and you now have your own design you can upload

  • Click next then add your recipients
  • Once you've done this, create your campaign and you're done!

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